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Rootless Containers

Level up your IT infrastructure's security.

./salvinio --import nginx Importing files from nginx Creating img/nginx.img image... Image size 247 M Installing packages ./salvinio --launch conf/nginx.salv Launching conf/nginx.salv...

Salvinio Rootless Containers

Create an launch containers with no special permissions: no daemons, no root, no bull$#!^.

Totally Rootless

Salvinio containers run entirely in user mode. You don't need root or sudo privileges to create images or launch new containers. You don't even need special permissions to install!

OCI and Docker Compatibility

Quickly import existing Docker images into Salvinio. Salvinio uses a more-secure image format that does not require special permissions to create in the host.

Choose a plan for your next project

Salvinio is free to private beta customers.

Private Beta


  • Community Support


per month
  • 200GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Support


per month
  • 500GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • No time Tracking